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Setting up Patient Demographics Query integration
Setting up Patient Demographics Query integration

Allow your care team to easily import patient demographics from an external system

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This article explains how to set up the Patient Demographics Query integration in the Awell app. When enabled, your care team members will be able to import patient demographics when creating a patient in Awell Care.

To learn more about the integration and the technical setup, have a look at our Developer Hub.



The endpoint of the Patient Demographics Supplier to which we will send the request.


The method or HTTP verb used to make the request. Can only be GET or POST. You can have a look at the format of both requests here.

Coding system and Code

We currently only support searching on the identifier parameter based on the configured coding system and code. The Patient Demographics Supplier will only return patient demographics for the patients where the provided identifier has an exact match based on the provided coding system and code.

Helper text for the user

Usually, you'd like to abstract away the complexity of coding systems and codes from your care team. That's why you can configure an input label or helper text for the input box where your care team will have to enter the identifier of the patient for which they would like to retrieve the demographics.


Allows for setting up a minimal form of authorization between the consumer and the supplier. The API key will be added to the header with key apikey.

Example request

curl -H "apikey: {apiKey}" \

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