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Add steps to the tracks

Tutorial: Build Covid-19 Support care flow

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Next on, is adding body to your skeleton - watch the video below:

  • Add steps: create placeholders for the different activities which will happen at the same point in time, in your different tracks. The content is shown in the video, though feel free to expand your use case with additional phases, consultations and decision points.

  • Add transitions: Connect your logical flow between your steps. Every care flow has a start and an end, so does your track.

Do not worry yet over the content of these activities, nor the setting of correct transitional logic. We'll need to add some data points first before we have a true playground.

If you're up for it - feel free to play around with step labels to impact the visual representation of your care flow. For example, add a red label color to your "Negative to proceed" step and give it a meaningful name - indicating the patient will not be progressing further down the flow.

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