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Tutorial: Build Covid-19 Support care flow

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A care flow is fed by it's collected data points. In this section, we are adding forms to to the flow where we will collect the patient's input to use later when defining our transition logic.

We show you how to:

  • Build a form from scratch

  • Add a form that already exists in your organization

  • Assign a stakeholder: assign the form to the right person to fill it in

Create a form from scratch

Here you can find the questions of the onboarding form.

Add an existing form:

Note: It might be that your collogue has not yet created the Promis-10 questionnaire, so you have to build it. However, once a form is created you can reuse it in the same organization. Please be aware that a change to an already existing form will be reflected in all the care flows where this form is used.

Bonus: Add the Promis-10 to your self-help track.

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