Preview: Dashboards

Monitor the technical data of your care flow in the preview.

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The preview not only enables you to validate your care flow. It also allows you to monitor its technical data.

How to access the monitoring dashboard?

When you preview a case, click on the Dashboard tab. By default, the webhook dashboard will open. This dashboard allows any developer to test their configured webhooks. It gives an overview of all the events which would trigger the sending of a request.

How to navigate the webhook dashboard?

When running the preview, webhooks are skipped automatically. You have two options to send your requests in preview to your test endpoint url:

  1. Click on Manage and then Retry all to send all requests listed in your dashboard or Retry failed to only send the failed ones.

  2. Send individual requests by clicking Send request directly.

You can filter your webhooks by status or search for them by name.

If you want to see more information on each request, click on the webhook's name. Specific details, logs, and request body will appear.

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