Create a case to preview

Preview and validate your care flow by simulating different cases

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Do you want to know more about care flow cases? Read about their benefits in our introduction to care flow cases. Especially when you are still building your care flow, we recommend creating a test case that you can consult frequently and check if your flow behaves as you wish. Read more on previewing a care flow.

How to create a case?

  1. a. When you are on the care flow homepage click on the Cases tab to get to the Care flow cases overview

    b. When you are building your Care flow, you'll see a Play button at the top right corner of your screen. Clicking this will bring you to your Care flow cases overview.

  2. Click on Create case button and give your case a name. Click Create. You then get referred to the Preview page.

Read more about how to run your case in the preview.

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