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Enrich your care flow with baseline data
Enrich your care flow with baseline data

Ingest external data into your care flow, at care flow start or at runtime

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Baseline data points, also known as "baseline information" come in handy when you want to pass information from an external system to the care flow upon Start of the flow.

This way important information (e.g. surgery date, surgeon, insurance provider, ...) from the external system can be used as input to configure logic in Awell.

Create a baseline data point

  1. Go to your Settings tab

  2. Select General in the left-hand menu

  3. Click on Create in the Baseline data points section at the bottom

    1. Provide the Key and the Value type. Note: if you chose String, you have the option to set the possible inputs (label and value)

    2. Under Optional you can define if the data point is mandatory at the Start of the flow or can be ingested later when the care flow is already running

⚠️ Use optional data points with caution: if logic in your care flow is based on optional data points, then whenever the care flow hits this logic at runtime, it will halt all progress if there are missing inputs. Therefore use in parallel with "when value is known/unknown" conditions to control the different scenario's and ping the right systems to be alerted.

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