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Start a care flow

Start a new care flow for a given patient

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Care flows can only be started for patients - so you need a patient resource or patient profile as a prerequisite before you can start a care flow.

β†’ Read here how to create your first patient.

You can start a care flow through:

  • the Awell Care user interface, which is referred to as manual care flow start

  • the Awell Orchestration API, which is referred to as integrated care flow start

Manual care flow start

  1. Navigate to the Patient list of Awell Care

  2. Select the right patient in the Patient list

  3. Click 'Start care flow' via the quick-access link on the left hand side of the Patient profile

  4. Select the right care flow from the list of published care flows

  5. Optional: fill out the necessary baseline data points if these are presented when selecting the care flow to start

Integrated care flow start

Use the startPathway mutation of the Awell Orchestration API to start a new care flow for a given patient registered on the Awell Platform. As minimal input, will you require to pass on the:

πŸ‘€ tip: does the Care flow design require to ingest baseline data points? Pass the mandatory (and/or optional) baseline data fields along in the same API call.


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