Create and delete a transition between steps

Transitions are connections between the building blocks of your track

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To determine the sequence of events within a track, you need to create transitions between your building blocks. A transition is made by connecting two or more steps in a track.

How to add and delete a transition?

Add a transition

  • On the canvas, hover over your step to see the 4 connected dots

    • Incoming connections: left and top of the step

    • Outgoing connections: right and bottom step

  • Click on an outgoing connection, a grey line appears, drag and drop the line to an incoming connection of a step you want to connect to

The two steps are now connected. You can always create more transitions from one step to another by repeating the above steps.

Delete a transition

  • Click on the transition, the transition side pane opens, where you can click on "..." at the top

  • Choose "Delete transition" to delete that specific transition

You can now add conditions or time delays to these transitions.

Alternatively, you can create and delete transitions using the step context menu.

πŸ‘€ tip: You can re-drag your established connections by hovering over your incoming connection until the four headed arrow appears (βœ₯) and drag to another step. See example below πŸ‘‡

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