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Set up a GraphQL API call action with Healthie
Set up a GraphQL API call action with Healthie

Learn how to set up the GraphQL API call action to integrate with Healthie

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Orchestrating actions in Healthie from within an Awell care flow can be done with the "GraphQL API call action" in Awell. This action type allows us to configure a GraphQL API call to Healthie.

Add the GraphQL API call action

Please note that native support for Healthie, where you'll have some pre-built and pre-configured Healthie actions available in Awell Studio, is coming soon!

Configure the request URL

Healthie offers two API environments: staging and production. You can find the endpoints for both environments here.

We advise you to store URL in a constant. This will make switching between environments a breeze as you'd only have to update your constant.

Go to "Elements" > "Constants" to create a constant.

Configure the headers

In order to authenticate our request to Healthie's API, we'll need to add 2 headers:

  1. Authorization: Basic <YOUR_API_KEY>

  2. AuthorizationSource: API

We advise you to store Healthie's API key securely in a constant and conceal the value of the API key. You can then insert the constant in the header value field.

Read more on authenticating with Healthie's API here.

Configure the GraphQL operation and variables

In the "Query" tab you can configure the operation (query/mutation) you'd like to perform along with the variables you'd like to pass with the operation.

Have a look at Healthie's API documentation to know what queries and mutations are available and how they need to be configured. More dedicated and in-depth documentation for the most common operations is coming soon!

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