Import & export form questions

Import questions in form actions, from our library or via JSON import.

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We understand that building and validating forms is a meticulous job. You probably have local copies available which were created with care, that you wish you could simply copy over to Awell.

Good news, we allow you to import questions in your forms, either from

  • our library of validated questionnaires or,

  • via a JSON import

Import questions

From our library

You can import questions in your form from our library of validated questionnaires. Out-of-the-box, these questionnaires are compatible with their corresponding calculation and are the quickest way to get started with a validated questionnaire & score calculation. Watch this YouTube video to know how it's done.


When you have a form created in another tool, you can import this form which you created elsewhere into an Awell form in just a few clicks.

We facilitate this via a JSON import. Please note that the JSON you'll import needs to respect a certain format so if you have your own proprietary format, you'll first have to map it to our data format in order to be able to import it.

πŸ‘€ tip: Use our Google Sheet template to create your forms in Google Sheets and import them into Awell. The template immediately maps to the correct import format which makes it a handy tool to get your forms into Awell quickly!

In further detail:

  • ImportType: the JSON needs to be an array of objects (type QuestionInput) - see exact import type specified below

  • key, title, and user_question_type are required

  • Optionally, you can pass an options field to specify the answer options for multiple-choice & multiple-select questions.

Currently, only importing the question key, question title, question type, and answer options is supported.

More advanced question configurations like setting a question as mandatory, configuring display logic, setting min/max for VAS sliders, ... are currently not supported through the import/export feature and have to be manually set.

For reference: we've added an example import JSON and GIF at the bottom of the page.

enum UserQuestionType {
Date = 'DATE',
Description = 'DESCRIPTION',
LongText = 'LONG_TEXT',
MultipleChoice = 'MULTIPLE_CHOICE',
MultipleChoiceGrid = 'MULTIPLE_CHOICE_GRID',
MultipleSelect = 'MULTIPLE_SELECT',
Number = 'NUMBER',
ShortText = 'SHORT_TEXT',
Signature = 'SIGNATURE',
Slider = 'SLIDER',
YesNo = 'YES_NO'

type OptionInput = {
id?: string,
label?: string,
value?: number

type QuestionInput = {
key: string,
title: string,
user_question_type: UserQuestionType,
options?: <Array<OptionInput>

type ImportType = Array<QuestionInput>

Export questions

Via the form settings, you can export your form to JSON. The format is immediately compatible with the import format so this allows you to import your form elsewhere in Awell.

Example import JSON

"title":"What's your first name?",
"title":"What's your sex?",

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