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Clinical note

Exchange your clinical data summaries over API

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Use Awell's Clinical note action to summarize and format your data inputs into a human-readable format. Avoid that your health care staff has to sift through pages of survey responses, yet construct an easy-to-understand report of answers.

A clinical note consists out of:

  • Narratives: think of it as sections to group your content together in a single report, yet perhaps destined to live in separate fields/spaces

    • Anamnesis

    • PROMs

    • Follow-up

  • Context:

    • Use contextual metadata to describe your clinical note like a title or description


Every narrative that you add to your Clinical note, requires a

  • Key: an identifier which is unique to your narrative in a single Clinical note action (yet can be re-used in other locations of your care flow).

  • Title: the title of your narrative, i.e. a description of the content

  • Content: write the text you'd like to display as a clinical note, or a charting note by making use of variables to enrich your message

Context (optional)

Send any meta data along with your clinical note in the format of key-value pairs, that helps on the receiving end. See context as labels or identifiers to recognize your clinical note.

πŸ‘€ tip: use Constants {{ when creating your values

How to use in an integration context

  1. Set up a webhook listener that reacts to Clinical note activities being created by the Awell Orchestration API

  2. Query the Orchestration API and fetch the details about the Clinical Note

  3. Push the data to where it needs to go from there, it's in your hands

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