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Source Control

Synchronize your flows to remote Source Control Management providers like GitHub

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Source Control allows you to sync your care flows as code to remote Source Control Management (SCM) providers, such as GitHub. When Source Control is set up, your care flow is synced to your repository every time you publish a new version of your care flow.

Syncing care flows with SCM tools has many benefits:

  1. Care flows-as-code: by treating care flow components as code you have unparalleled control and ownership.

  2. Direct integration with CI/CD pipelines: seamlessly incorporate care flow updates into your existing CI/CD systems.

  3. Code-based testing: verify the functionality of care flows through your code-testing protocols.

  4. Visibility on changes: inspect and view changes between different versions of your care flow through code

Configuration settings in Awell

  1. Select a care flow from your list that you want to source control

  2. Switch to the Settings tab and select Source Control to configure your repository settings

    1. Paste your repository URL into the GitHub repository URL field

    2. Paste your token in the GitHub access token field.

  3. Test your source control configuration to verify that your permissions are correctly set up (Note: we will store your configuration and use it to create and delete a branch)

For the full walk-through of the GitHub source control set-up, please have a look at this page in our Developer Hub.

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