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Synchronize and monitor care flow activities through webhooks
Synchronize and monitor care flow activities through webhooks

Enable webhooks to allow synchronization with external systems

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Awell's outgoing webhooks enable external systems to subscribe to events happening in the care flow in real-time, so you can trigger a suitable action in your system based on these events.

Read up here on the event types you can subscribe to and how to enable those webhooks.

Monitor webhook logs

Once webhooks are enabled and you've started orchestrating your first care flows, you can consult the logs of outgoing webhooks:

  1. Navigate to Awell Care

  2. Click on your profile πŸ‘€ in the upper right corner

    1. Navigate to logs

Here you see a full list of all outgoing webhooks with a retention of 5 days and a cap of 1000 webhook calls. To ease your search and potential troubleshooting, you can

  • Filter using available meta data such as care flow name, care flow ID, webhook ID or patient ID

  • Filter on the status to immediately see the successful (200) or failed (4XX) calls

Retry webhook logs

Whether a call was successful or failed, you might need to resend the webhook to your external systems to (re)synchronize any relevant data.

You have the ability to retry a specific webhook, or retry failed calls in bulk for a given Care flow:

Note: when a 4XX response is received, Awell will automatically retry failed calls with an exponential backoff strategy, meaning we'll wait a bit longer each time before trying the call once more. The retry starts at 2 seconds, then 4, then 8 and so on, doubling the time each attempt, up to waiting for about 18 hours before giving up entirely

This is to give the system a chance to recover from whatever issue caused the initial problem.

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