Communication is king! Use the message action to send alerts to other caregivers, inform patients about an upcoming consultation, remind them of a questionnaire to fill in and more.

How to add a message?

  1. Double click on the step you'd like to add a message to

  2. Press "Add action" in the step documentation section and select "Message" in the drop-down list.

How to configure a message?

You can configure:

  • the action title

  • the receiver

  • the subject

  • the content of your message

Make your communication shine! Use bold, italics, underline, or cross out to mark up your text. Use 1-2-3 for different headings and increase the size of your font. Add a link in your text by clicking the link button or use the numbers and bullets to give your message more structure.

Curious what it will look like? Preview your message in the care pathway using a pathway scenario.

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