Embed an Activity Page

Produce actionable communication by directing care flow stakeholders to an Activity Page

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This feature is best used when you intend to redirect your stakeholders from an email, SMS, ... to an Activity Page, to complete a pending activity.


Embed an Activity page in your email or SMS communication, to you let your stakeholders immediately interact with their pending care flow activities.

How to insert an Activity page - Email/SMS

Prerequisite: activate one of the Communication Extensions to enable the 'Send Email'/'Send SMS' actions - read more in this article.

  • Double click on the step where you want to Send the Email/SMS

  • Add "Send Email/SMS" action

  • Add the Activity Page to your dynamic template data (in case of email), or straight into the body of your text message.

When using dynamic Email templates, you can have the link appear as a "click here" button, being the CTA (call-to-action) of your message. Upon clicking your stakeholder will be redirected to the Activity page holding the message to read or form to complete.

Important notes

Before you dive in, let us clarify a couple of technicalities around the workings of the Activity page:

  • To send an Activity page over email/SMS, you'll need access to the stakeholder's contact information (PII) in Awell. If you'd like to avoid sending PII and rather keep your patients anonymous, have a look at the channels mentioned below to retrieve an Activity page and take control over surfacing it on your end.

  • An Activity page is tied to a stakeholder of your choice, meaning it identifies who can see the pending activities when they click on the URL sent over email and land on the Activity page. It's up to the care flow designer to tie the link together with the stakeholder and the next pending activities in the care flow. Example:

    • Send Email action to: "Patient"

      • Insert Activity page for: "Patient"

    • Message/Form/Checklist action for: "Patient"

  • An Activity page doesn't expire and is identical throughout the course of a care flow. Meaning if a stakeholder lands on the email and clicks the link only after 3 months or mixes up the order of Email > Action, they will always go through their personal list of pending activities in the designed order.

  • Activity pages are unique and generated automatically when the activity is activated by the Awell orchestration engine.

  • When addressing multiple stakeholders with a single Activity page, you'll not be able to trace back who has completed the action.

Alternative channels besides Email/SMS

Native actions

  • Clinical Note: embed your link into a Clinical note, so that when fetching it you can display the Activity page your clinical stakeholders in your own environment, e.g. report their next action in the care flow

  • API call action: embed your link into an API call action and take over from there on where you send/surface the link

Custom actions

  • Healthie / Send Chat message: embed your link into a Chat message so that your patients can interact with an Activity page from their known Healthie environment

  • Healthie / Create Task: embed your link into a Task for the care provider, so that they can interact with an Activity page from their known Healthie environment

  • Healthie / Create Charting note: embed your link into a Charting note for the care provider, so that they can interact with an Activity page from their known Healthie environment

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