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Review and interact with care flow activities
Review and interact with care flow activities

Explore a care flow's Activity feed, Timeline and Audit logs

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Using Awell Care

You can interact with pending care flow activities, such as reading a message or submitting a form, by navigating to either:

  • A specific patient profile, via the Patients list and then selecting an active care flow

  • A specific pending activity, via the Activities list

You can then explore the active care flow and it's activities by having a look at the Activity feed, Timeline or Audit logs.

Activity feed

The activity feed provides a log of each activity (i.e. message, form, calculation ...) that gets orchestrated according to the care flow design in Awell Studio. This includes timing delays (based on reference dates e.g. consultation date) and applying if-this-then-that logic (e.g. patient's condition) to create a personalized care flow at runtime.

What is presented in the activity feed are the individual actions that are assigned to a stakeholder, as well as system and auto-generated activities:


The timeline provides you with an overview of when each activity was activated and/or completed. It gives you a timely overview of the care flow delivery activities.

You can filter on here on the available "Elements" or "Layers" of the care flow being Tracks, Steps & Actions:

Audit logs

If you want to see more granular detail about the historic events and why specific activities were triggered, for example "why was a step discarded for this patient", or "why was a track triggered for this patient", you can navigate to the "Logs" > "Audit logs" and consult the available details.

πŸ‘€ tip: if you're looking for a specific event, type a keyword or filter on the possible date ranges to narrow down your search.

Using the Awell Orchestration API

To retrieve a list of patient pending care flow activities:

To re-build a similar timeline view on your end with the available elements of a care flow

To interact with the API and submit data (on behalf of your stakeholders that completed the presented activities):

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