Who should do what, when? Checklists are the ideal way to make sure members of the care team - or patients - don't forget anything. Whether it's an administrative or a medical checklist, a quick reminder not to forget a toothbrush the night before surgery: we can all use a little reminder.

How to add a checklist?

  1. Double click on the step you'd like to add a checklist to

  2. Press "Add action" in the step documentation section and select "Checklist" in the drop-down list.

How to configure a checklist?

You can:

  • add the stakeholder(s) responsible for checking off the checklist

  • add checklist items or tasks

Multiple checklists for different stakeholders in one step? No problem! Just add another checklist item, add a stakeholder and new tasks.

Preview your checklist in the care pathway using the pathway scenarios

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