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In this article we explain how to edit an existing form and how to reorder and delete questions.

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For data collection in your care flow, you can either reuse existing forms or build them from scratch. Forms are available across care flows, to the entire team. This means you can easily reuse a form that was created by a colleague and edit it.

How can I edit an existing form and question?

Double click on the step and select the form action you want to edit. Then click "Edit form". This will open the form builder. Then select the question you want to configure.

How can I reorder and delete questions or just a answer option?

Simply drag & drop questions into place. To delete a question, click on the 3 dots showing in the selected question. Chose delete to delete the selected question.

To delete an answer options click on your single or multiple select question to open the question. Then click on the trash bin next to the answer you want to delete.


Changes to an existing from will be reflected in all steps where this form is used in your organization.

If you want to start from scratch, read the article on creating forms for data collection in care flows.

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