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How to set up Awell API calls to create patients and manage care flows
How to set up Awell API calls to create patients and manage care flows
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To start using the Awell API, you'll need to retrieve a few items from us:

  • API keys (first for a staging environment, then for production)

  • Your organization ID

  • (Care flow ID)

You can retrieve them by contacting us on Intercom. Just click the intercom logo on the bottom right. We'll get in touch with you to provide you with the necessary elements.

Here you can find an example swimlane to set up API calls

Detailed information regarding our API endpoints can be found here. With this information, you can start configuring the necessary API calls for your organization.

Testing the API calls

Once you've configured the API calls, it's time for testing. We have worked out some test scenarios that you should follow. This way we can check whether everything has been configured correctly.

Not all test scenarios are mandatory since this is very customer-specific. If you only want to create and update the patient by using our API and afterward start a care flow manually from the Awell environment, you'll only need to go through scenarios 1 and 2.

If you also create care flows using our API, all test scenarios are mandatory to go through.

All the test scenarios are first to be done in a staging environment. If all necessary tests are successful, we can evolve towards the production environment and we'll provide you the necessary API keys.

Test scenario 1:

This test scenario is mandatory since it's the basis of all actions. No care flow can be started without a patient. Create a new patient by using the correct endpoint. Add at least 5 items to the patient baseline information.

Test scenario 2:

Once the patient was created correctly, we now ask you to update the baseline information of the patient. Send a GET call to retrieve the patientId and then modify at least 3 items of the patient baseline information for this patient by using a post-call.

Test scenario 3:

This test scenario is mandatory if you want to start a care flow by using our API. First, start a new care flow for a patient and add at least 3 items to the care flow baseline information. (E.g. surgery date, surgeon, procedure)

Test scenario 4:

Now we ask you to update the care flow baseline information by using an API call. Update at least 2 out of 3 elements.

Test scenario 5:

After you've updated the care flow baseline information, you now need to stop the care flow by using an API endpoint.

Test scenario 6:

As a final test, unstop the care flow you've previously stopped.

While performing the tests you can always contact us to follow along and do de-bugging together if necessary.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us anytime here on Intercom.

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