Edit a care flow's tracks

Add tracks or stop tracks for an already active care flow

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You can add & stop tracks to an ongoing care flow through:

  • the Awell Care user interface

  • the Awell Orchestration API

Awell Care - Manually editing a care flow

  1. Navigate to the Patient list of Awell Care

  2. Search for and select the right patient in the Patient list

  3. Select one of the active care flows, listed at the top of the Care flows page

    1. You will land on the activity feed of the Care flow where you can click the "Manage" button at the top and either add a track, or stop/delete a care flow. More details in the following sections πŸ‘‡

    2. If you switch over to the timeline view, you can also stop an ongoing track

βž• Add track

Adding a track comes in very handy when something doesn't go as planned or you have some reiterative components in your care flow, where you don't know upfront when exactly they'll need to take place or how often. In that case, you can manually add a track to an ongoing care flow:

The list of eligible tracks to add to your care flow is dependent on the Care flow design in Awell Studio. In the design you can mark one or more tracks as being allowed to be manually triggered:

πŸ‘€ tip: if you want full flexibility during orchestration, you can add the track trigger "manual activation" to all available tracks in your care flow design, and give the power to your Care staff following up on your patients.

βœ‹Stop track

When a certain track and it's pending care activities are no longer valuable to your care flow, for example when the patient has been inactive for too long or has changed treatments, you can stop the ongoing activities in the timeline view.

You want to:

  • Select an ongoing track in the timeline view

  • Click on the "Stop" button in the right hand menu

  • Confirm you want to take care of the action

πŸŸ₯ Stop or πŸ—‘οΈ Delete care flow

In case you just want to stop the care flow as whole or even delete the care flow and all the data that was captured, you can read more in this article.

Awell API - Editing a care flow in an integrated context

You can also Start or add Stop a care flow, check out the other API mutations in our Dev hub to manage care flows.

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