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Add conditions to a transition

Use "if this, then that" rules to determine what's next in the care flow.

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You can set conditions on the transitions between steps in order to manage which activities are next and for whom. Manage different flows in a single care flow, by making use of conditions to select what data points affect the next step.

How to add a condition

  1. Create a transition and click on it

  2. The right hand side pane opens, where you can press "+ Add Condition" at the top

  3. Select the data point in the drop-down list you want to use for the condition

  4. Select the correct operator for your condition, this is dependent on the data point type and allowed values (date, string, number)

  5. Specify the operand for your condition, when applicable

You can add multiple conditions to one transition. The different conditions can be separated by either an AND or an OR statement. A combination of both isn't possible.

Delete a condition by clicking on the trash bin.

You can also add a delay to a transition. Find out here how to do so.

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