Add conditions to your questions

Make the right question appear, based on an answer to previous question.

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The same way as you can add conditions to transitions between steps, you can also set transitions for question. This way you can ask follow up questions to a specific answer from a previous question.

How to add a condition to a question

  1. Chose the question or description you want to have appear when a specific answer is given

  2. Click on the "Logic" tab in the right pane

  3. Toggle "Add visibility logic" on and the statement changes to "This question is only visible:"

  4. Select "+ Add condition" and a menu to chose the data points appear

  5. Select the data point (question) in the drop-down list you want to use for the condition

  6. Select the correct operator for your condition (this depends on the type of question you've used)

  7. Select the operand (question answer) for your condition.

You can add multiple conditions to one transition. The different conditions can be separated by either an AND or an OR statement. A combination of both isn't possible.

You can not set conditions based on answers coming from a date, short or long text question.

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