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How to add a sticky note

Remind yourself or others on open questions or actions while building a care flow.

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Building out a care flow is complex. You can use sticky notes to keep track of open questions or actions you will address later. This has no impact on your care flow, a sticky note can be added or removed at any time.

How to add and edit a sticky note

  1. In the track builder, in the step library, select "New sticky note"

  2. Drag the sticky note onto the canvas or use CTRL+P

  3. Double click on the sticky note the side pane opens and you can immediately edit your not.

  4. Delete the note by clicking on the note and then the on the trash bin or on the context menu (...) in the side pane and then click on Delete Sticky note

Sticky notes can be automatically viewed by everyone who is invited as a collaborator. If you want to learn more about building as a team, click here.

You can also document choices, refer to clinical publications and add context to specific steps. Click here if you want to learn more.

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