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Automate reminders when there are pending activities

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Care flow compliance is important to unlock a care flow's full potential.

  • Configure reminder settings via the Care flow page, to handle the generation of system activities and reminder.created webhook events to which you can listen and take action on yourself (e.g. in your own apps where you can remind the end-user).

    • Note: the webhook content contains a Hosted Pages link which you can use in reminder emails to have the user complete the pending activity

  • toggle the "Awell sends notification" button - in case you are an Awell MyCare user (note: limited to Traditional Care Providers).

How to configure reminders?

  1. Click on the care flow for which you want to set reminders

  2. Click on the Settings tab, navigate to Notifications

  3. Configure the reminder delay and total amount of reminders per care flow activity

Changes are auto-saved but only take effect when you publish a new version of your care flow.

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