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Organize your care flow with tracks

Split your flow into phases and determine what happens when for who

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Regardless of the medical condition you are building a care flow for, it usually exists out of a distinct set of activities or phases to be executed in a certain sequence. It can become quickly overwhelming if you map this out in a single overview.

Therefore we advise you to split your care flow into tracks. Determine the logical flow by assigning the correct activation triggers between each track and create a seamless care journey.

Defining the right track level

There is no fixed rule for defining the phases of your care journey. You can split your care flow per each set of activities to be executed (i.e. data collection, information sharing, care delivery activities) or define the flow based on the chosen treatment.

Make care flows work harder than care teams πŸš€

Have you defined your different tracks? Proceed to assigning the correct track triggers! Or still in doubt how to best split your logical flow? Head over to our best practices section.

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