At Awell Health, we have a saying: the most difficult thing in life is naming things. If two people are talking the same language and using the same words, it's easier to communicate, collaborate and make a point.

We are building our software to create, implement and optimize any type or form of care process, regardless of what it's called. At Awell Health we use care pathway as the canonical term so that's what you'll read throughout our support articles. Feel free to swap that term in your mind with any of the following:

  • Care program

  • Clinical pathway

  • Clinical protocol

  • Care process

  • Care process model

  • Patient journey

  • Patient pathway

  • Care path

  • Guideline

Whether it's a 2-step protocol or a life-spanning care program for chronic disease, as long as it's a series of steps performed for, together with or by patients with the goal of achieving or maintaining a good health status, we're the right fit to build it, deploy it and optimize it.

Start building care pathways and create an account or create your first care pathway if you've already done so.

We can't wait to see what you build!

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