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Add files, images and videos to your communication
Add files, images and videos to your communication

Spice up your conversations with rich media

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Add media to your communication to capture the attention of your audience, through the following two options:

  • Add inline media: you can embed images and videos within your written text to share relevant information, and keep your audience engaged within the same reading pane. You also have the option to add a direct link inline.

    Upload material from your local computer, or browse for an online version.

πŸ‘€ tip: when inserting an inline video, ensure you select the embedded link to the display the video correctly in your in-app message (note: embedded video's are not supported using the Send Email action).

  • Attach media: you can share files, videos, and direct links with your recipients as an attachment to your message.

    Upload your material or browse for an online version, and provide it with a proper display name.

Attachments appear at the bottom of the message:

Add a personal touch to your messages by using variables. Curious what it will look like for your recipient? Preview your message in the care flow using a care flow case.

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