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Role play while previewing your care flow
Role play while previewing your care flow

Simulate your care flow end-to-end from different angles

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Not only is building care flows a team sport, also previewing and validating them. Awell Studio allows you to create a case, which you and your colleagues can interact with at the same time.

  1. Share the case URL with your colleagues who have access to Awell studio

  2. Assign available care flow stakeholders to your colleagues through the stakeholders filter in the activity feed or timeline and let them explore this case from their assigned role

  3. Confirm the horizontal and vertical scope of the flow make sense for each individual stakeholder in your care flow. Take your colleagues on a time travel session between care flow start and stop. Confirm all flow stakeholders are involved when and if need be.

    1. Horizontal: are your care activities correct and running at the intended timing? e.g. Is the patient notified at the correct time of an upcoming consultation?

    2. Vertical: are all your stakeholders in the loop of necessary care activities? e.g. Is the nurse aware of an upcoming patient consultation?

Want to see how some role play in action, watch the following video:

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