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A word about operating care flows
A word about operating care flows

Handle the "operate" part of your CareOps lifecycle

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The Operate stage is where patients are enrolled in the care flows that were designed, validated and built into the end user-facing applications such as the patient app, practice management app and EMR.

The most important persona in this stage are the members of the care team including the patient, as they interact with live care flows and see what activity needs to be done by whom. This is what Care management is all about.

The Awell platform consists of:

  • Awell Studio to design, validate and preview your care flows

  • Awell Care to operate your care flows in clinical practice

  • Settings menu to set your branding and manage your team

This collection of Help articles guides you through the features available in Awell Care to help manage your list of patients and their care flow activities.

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