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  • βœ… Your care flow is ready to Publish, resulting in a first recorded version

  • 🏁 Then set your version Live to enroll your first patients!

  • πŸ” Rinse & repeat !

How to publish and set a care flow live?

  • Go to the Care flow page you want to publish

  • Hit "Publish care flow" in the top right of your screen

    • Optional: enter publication comments to keep track of your edits and care flow versions

    • Optional: review the list of changes made to this version of your care flow

  • Hit "Publish", and then continue to the Versions tab to "Set as live version"

Read here how to resolve your publication errors, in case you've missed a small configuration mistake and hit the error message upon publication:

Managing care flow versions

You can decide at any moment in time, by navigating to the "Versions" tab, which version you want to set as live and use for active patient enrollment.

How to use in an integration context?

You need a published pathway definition to be able to Start a Pathway for a given patient you wish to enroll, using the Awell Orchestration API.

Next to that, you also require a tenant in Awell and a registered API key. Reach out here and we'll get back to you.

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