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The care flow lifecycle
The care flow lifecycle

Create, preview, validate, execute. Rinse. Repeat.

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Care flows having a lifecycle of their own? We know it sounds quite meta. And yet that is exactly what Awell Health supports. Our ultimate goal is to support the continuous learning healthcare system.

Build a care flow

More and more a multidisciplinary effort. Multiple care team members and if possible even the patient, adding their perspective to get to a holistic process.

Our collaborative, drag-n-drop builder enables everyone to chip in.

Preview a care flow

How do you know that what you're building makes sense in clinical practice? By previewing it. See it like making a movie: you edit a scene, then you preview that scene and go on to edit the next. You don't edit the whole film and then view it all in one go.

We enable you to create care flow cases for easy preview and iterative building.

Validate a care flow

Easily invite the relevant stakeholders to review care flow cases. In a Covid-19 care flow, the patient representative can validate the case for isolation and remote monitoring at home. The ICU department can validate the case or hospital admission.

Once validated, the flow is ready to include individual patients.

Execute a care flow

Include individual patients in care flow. Collect actual data. Drive who does what, when automatically. Keep the EMR in sync.

Close the feedback loop

Use the collected data from the care flow to generate insights. Where are the bottlenecks in the process? What isn't clear? Where are the gaps in the patient experience? How can we improve productivity?

Take these insights and start where you began.

We can't wait to see what you build.

Start building care flows. Reach out to us and create your first care flow if you've already done so.

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