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Use Marketplace 3rd party extensions & webhooks
Use Marketplace 3rd party extensions & webhooks

Integrate all 3rd party apps you already use for CareOps in your care flows

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Awell Extensions allow you to integrate with EHRs, communication providers, form providers, eSignature... all with the click of a button.

You can review the full list of available extensions here, or explore building your own extensions to connect your homegrown apps with Awell care flows.

Enable an Extension

Extensions are enabled on Care flow level, where you can decide which 3rd party apps you'd like to leverage for your particular use case and corresponding care flow activities.

Note: we require you to create our own accounts with these 3rd party providers, so you have full control and visibility of the outgoing traffic.

How to enable an existing extension?

  • Go to Settings on your Care flow page

  • Navigate to the Extensions tab

  • Click Configure on the Extension of your choice

    • Complete the required fields

  • Hit Save to enable your Extension

Enable a Webhook to listen to 3rd party events

Webhook events can be used to automatically start a care flow in Awell. When an event happens in another system, you can enable it to send that information to Awell to start a care flow.

For example when a patient is registered, or an appointment is booked in a 3rd party system, you can start a type of Onboarding or Appointment follow-up flow which you've built in Awell Studio.

Step 1: Set-up the webhook Recipient in Awell

  • Select a Care flow in Awell Studio

  • Go to Settings on your Care flow page

    • Navigate to the Extensions tab

  • Click Configure on the Extension of your choice

    • Open the Webhook tab to confirm the 3rd party app is sending webhooks

    • Hit Enable webhook on the webhook event of your choice

(Optional) Add conditional logic to your webhook

Once you've enabled a webhook, you can also set conditional logic on the trigger to start a care flow, meaning an Awell care flow will only be created when the incoming data matches a specific condition. For example, when the appointment type contains the wording "Regular" or the provider ID matches "12345".

  • Click the gear icon βš™οΈ

    • Click "Add condition"

      • Select the right data point from the available list of incoming data

      • Set the right condition which will allow to start/filter the list of eligible patients for inclusion in the care flow

    • Hit "Close"

  • See the new condition listed next to your enabled webhook

Step2: Activate the webhook Sender in the 3rd party system

We're almost there. After following the above instructions you've enabled the listener on Awell's end, to react to incoming webhook events. What you additionally want to do, is setting the Awell endpoint URL in your 3rd party system so that it knows where to send the events to, aka it can reach the intended Awell care flow when emitting specific events.

You can grab the Awell endpoint URL (which is care flow specific) from our webhook tab, and then copy paste it in the webhook section of your 3rd party system.

  • Example, Awell Webhook recipient:

  • Example, Healthie Webhook sender:

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