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Customize the look and feel of Awell Hosted Pages

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If you are making use of Awell Hosted pages, to allow Patients and/or Care teams to interact with stakeholder actionable activities in the care flow (e.g. submit a form, read a message), then you can customize the look and feel of Awell Hosted Pages per individual care flow or for your organization as a whole.

Note that care flow level settings will take precedence over the branding settings defined on organizational level.

Customize Awell Hosted Pages per care flow

All changes to care flow settings are automatically saved, but they will only take effect when publishing the care flow. Note that the care flow settings are version independent, so as soon as you publish the updated settings all previous versions of the care flow will use these new settings.

  1. Navigate to the Design space in the app switcher

  2. Select a care flow from the list

  3. Switch to the Settings tab

  4. Select the Awell Hosted Pages menu on your left hand side and adjust the logo, color, title, auto progress or auto-save. More information in the headings below πŸ‘‡

Apply your settings and have a look at the end result via the live preview at the bottom of the page:


Upload your logo by clicking the 'Upload' button. Your uploaded logo will be displayed in the header of Awell Hosted Pages.

πŸ‘€ tip: if you would like to show no logo at all then you can upload a 1x1 white or transparent image.

Accent color

When you set a custom Accent color, all UI components will automatically be rebranded based on that primary accent color. Next to that Awell will also automatically generate a secondary color and a text color with sufficient contrast which will be applied to the UI components.

Page title

The title which will appear at the top of the webpage.

Auto progress

When enabled, Awell Hosted Pages will automatically progress to the next question when a user selects an answer for a single-select or yes/no question. Auto progress is only applicable in the conversational display mode.

By default, auto progress is disabled.

Auto save

When enabled, Awell Hosted Pages will temporarily save form answers to the user's browser. In the event that a user closes their Awell Hosted Page prematurely and wants to resume the pending activities at a later moment in time with the same device, they'll be able to see and submit prior selected answers, reducing the overhead of going through the same questions a second time.

While these saved answers do not expire, they are cleared on form completion or when the user clears their browser cache.

By default, auto save is enabled.

Customize Awell Hosted Pages for your organization as a whole

Note that most of the settings of Awell Hosted Pages, except for the auto progress and auto save, can also be configured on the organizational level - learn more here.

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