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Set a custom domain for Hosted Pages
Set a custom domain for Hosted Pages

Customize your care flow URL with your organization (sub)domain

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If you are making use of Hosted pages, to allow Patients and/or Care teams to interact with stakeholder actionable activities in the care flow (e.g. submit a form, read a message), then you have the ability to set your own (sub)domain where users will be redirected to increase your brand recognition and create a consistent identity across different touch points.

Step 1: Purchase your own (sub)domain

You need to own or purchase the domain (e.g., or subdomain (e.g., you want to use and manage through a domain registrar or DNS hosting service.

In the DNS settings, the custom domain or subdomain must be configured to point to the correct environment of the Awell Hosted Pages application. You can either

  • create a CNAME record that maps the custom domain or subdomain to your base URL (e.g., or

  • or for root domains (like, an A record or ALIAS record might be needed instead, pointing to the IP address of your server or a DNS entry that supports root domain aliasing.

Step 2: Configure your tenant settings in Awell Studio

Note: The </> Developers menu is only available for Admin roles in the organization. Ask for an upgrade to Admin from your internal team mates, if you need access to these settings.

  1. Navigate to the Home space in the app switcher

  2. Select the </> Developers menu on your left hand side

  3. Switch to the Domains tab

    1. Add your (sub)domain

      Note: Add a CNAME record to your DNS configuration (details: Type (CNAME), Name (Example), Value ( This will allow us to verify that you own the domain. It can take up to 24 hours for the DNS record to propagate.

Once the verification of your domain is successful, you'll see it marked as valid:

Step 3: See your magic in action

  1. Navigate to the Design space in the app switcher

  2. Select a care flow from the list

  3. Switch to the Hosted Pages tab

    1. In the Sharing section, create a shareable link and see your domain name inserted in the link for your Hosted Pages

    2. Optional: customize your link even further and set a slug instead of a care flow identifier - see more information in this article

If you remove the (sub)domain after patients are enrolled in your care flows, your Hosted Pages link will stop working.

If your (sub)domain was removed by accident, simply add it back to your Awell Studio settings, and the links will work again.

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