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Configure automated retries for API calls
Configure automated retries for API calls

Customise default API call retry configuration

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When using REST or GraphQL API calls in your care flow, you may want to control the default settings of the built-in retry mechanism when a call is considered unsuccessful.

The automated retry uses an exponential backoff strategy with default settings of

  • maximum amount of 5 attempts, with

  • initial delay of 2 seconds and

  • maximum delay of 1 hour

If you'd like to adjust the settings, you can either change the defaults per individual care flow or on your organization's level.

Note that care flow level settings will take precedence over the retry settings defined on organizational level.

Change the defaults for API retry handling per care flow

  1. Navigate to the Design space in the app switcher

  2. Select a care flow from the list

  3. Switch to the Settings tab

  4. Select the API Calls menu on your left hand side

  5. Adjust your API call retry configuration by toggling on the Use specific configuration option

    1. Choose to enable or disable automated retries

    2. When enabled, you can set the

      1. Initial delay

      2. Maximum delay

      3. Maximum amount of attempts

Change the defaults for API retry handling for your organization as a whole

Note that the settings of the retry mechanism can also be configured on the organizational level learn more here.

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