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Introduction to care flow Cases

Preview and validate your care flow by testing different cases

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Building care flows is a challenge, especially when multiple disciplines are involved. You might wonder whether the care flow you are building is meaningful for the clinicians, nurses, and other stakeholders who will be using it in clinical practice.

Care flow cases enable you to preview your work while building the care flow to make sure that what you are building makes sense.

You are probably wondering why we created this extra layer of cases. Why can I not just preview my flow directly? Cases allow mimicking different patients that go through your care flow. For example, you can create a case for a patient with condition A and treatment A, and another case for a patient with condition A and treatment B. You can save and evaluate both cases.

Additionally, invite your collaborators to review these cases. It is a great way to get other stakeholders on board to share their opinion while building the care flow. It helps with validation, approval, and training of the care flow.

Read more about how to create and preview a case.

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