Add documentation to your care flow

Document choices, refer to clinical publications and add context for those who will be using the care flow.

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Building a care flow means deciding what actions, steps, data collection and information should be included. The stakeholders using the care flow in clinical practice often didn't follow along during the building efforts. This means it's important to document these choices so they understand why they were made. Additionally, they can often use additional context in specific steps or actions.

The ability to add documentation to your care flow therefore gives you the opportunity to:

  • Document choices you have made and why you made them

  • Refer to relevant clinical publications which can act as evidence on why you made certain decisions

  • Add context to specific steps or actions for health care professionals who'll use the care flow in clinical practice

How to add documentation to a step

  1. Double click on the step you'd like to add documentation for

  2. Find the "Step documentation" section, press "Edit" and start typing

  3. Press "Save" to to save your documentation

You can include links to outside references such as scientific evidence and use the editor to layout your text, titles and bullet points.

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