How to organize your care flow using labels

Use colors to organize your care flow according to different dimensions.

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It's important to take the visual representation of your care flow into account. To help support this, we allow you to add labels to steps. These labels have a color and name to make your care flow more organized and clear.

You can freely choose how to use these labels in your care flow; use different colors for a particular healthcare professional, or base the labels on for example the appropriate care setting (primary care, emergency, at home..)

How to add a label to a step?

  1. Open the step context menu of the step you want to attach a label to

  2. Click on "Click to add label" at the top of the side pane

  3. Select the color of your choice and give the label a name. Don't forget to click โœ”

    after you named your label

Reuse labels

Step labels are defined per care flow. When you've set your labels once, you can manually apply them to all steps within your care flow.

Show label text in the step card

By default we only display the label colors to reduced the amount of information displayed on your step card. Clicking on the label allows you to see the label text of the label in all steps.

You can toggle back and forth between these views, by simply clicking on the label.

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