Do you want to know more about clickable care pathway scenarios? Read about their benefits in our introduction to care pathway scenarios.

How to create a scenario?

  1. While building your pathway, you'll see a Preview button on top of your screen. Clicking this will show you the existing scenarios for your care pathway.

  2. Every care pathway has a Default Scenario. Click it to quickly preview your care pathway.

  3. If you have one or multiple specific scenarios in mind that you want to save and share with your colleagues, you can create a new scenario. Give it a name and click on the "Create New Scenario" button. The new scenario is now available in the list.


Imagine a Covid-19 care pathway. You might want to create and share clickable pathway scenarios with your colleagues for a patient who is:

  1. a confirmed case that is healthy enough to go into self-isolation and remote monitoring at home

  2. a confirmed case that has severe symptoms and needs to be admitted to the hospital

For each of these cases, you can create a separate scenario, which can be previewed and shared with your colleagues for validation, approval and training of the care pathway.

Read more about how to share a clickable care pathway scenario with collaborators.

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