Within a care pathway, it is crucial that the different care teams can work together. Therefore, it is also important to clearly communicate from the beginning what the care pathway will look like.

That's why you can build care paths together in the Pathway Studio. That way everyone can give feedback, add steps, build forms... As a result, each healthcare professional (general practitioner, physiotherapists, surgeon...) has a view of what the care pathway will look like and can also shape the ideal care pathway from their own expertise.

How to invite team members?

  1. Click on 'Invite collaborators' in the right corner.

  2. Enter your teamname

  3. Enter the email addresses of your teammates. Currently you can add up to 6 people to your team.

  4. Click 'Create Team And Send Invitations'


It's currently not yet possible to build on the same care pathway at the same time. For now, you'll need to discuss with your team who will build, when.

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