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Work together as a team to shape your care flow

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As poor team composition is a barrier for a successful implementation, Awell Studio allows you to invite team members and co-create care flows.

Within a care flow, it is crucial that different care teams collaborate together. Engage your colleagues by making it clear from the start what your goal is and actively involve them in the feedback loop.

Everyone can give feedback, add steps, build forms... As a result, each healthcare professional (general practitioner, physiotherapists, surgeon...) has a view of what the care flow will look like and can contribute to the ideal care flow with their own expertise.

Go beyond the silos and check out how to Create a Case for your team members to evaluate.

How to invite team members?

Discover here how you can invite and manage team members, as an Admin in your organization. Not an Admin? Reach out to the appropriate people within your organization to help you invite members and/or change team settings.


It's currently not possible to build on the same care flow at the same time. For now, you'll need to discuss with your team who will build, when.

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