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You've added a calculation to your step. Now you 'simply' need to configure it, right? Before we jump into the practical details, let's give you some background on validated questionnaires and how we support the associated calculations.

Calculations based on validated questionnaires

Using validated questionnaires makes you more confident that it accurately measures what it aims to do, collect better quality data and ensure a correct interpretation by your stakeholders.

It's quite a mouthful, though we simply want to say: standardize your PROMS and PREMS. Do not invent your own questionnaires but build based on the best available evidence.

The Awell Score suite provides the right documentation to understand how questions and answers are to be applied and interpreted, to calculate a valid score.

For each calculation we provide:

  • A proposed question and question key (e.g. PROMIS_10_Q01)

  • Answer options with a linked value (e.g. "Excellent" means a 5-point score)

  • A result ID and result value

How to configure a calculation?

  1. Select the calculation you want to add to your step

    e.g. BMI

  2. Configure your data points required for the calculation

    e.g. BMI requires two data points (Height and Weight). You need to map the Question Keys of your data points from your Form onto the expected Calculation input.

Note: you first need to build forms to capture these data points and have them available in your drop-down list to select. We advise you to consult the Calculations Explorer to review the associated documentation to correctly encode your questions and answer options and ensure your calculation works.

Validate your calculation by previewing both your form and calculation (input, output) creating a case.

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