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Preview: Activity feed and Timeline
Preview: Activity feed and Timeline

The activity feed provides the best overview on the activities in a Care flow.

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The activity feed highlights each activity that gets activated in your care flow one after the other. It focuses on the actions and the stakeholders.

The timeline provides you with an overview of when which activity has been activated and/or completed. It gives you a timely overview of your care flow.

Preview a case explains the general navigation through the preview. Click on the tab to select the view you like to see. In both tabs you can utilize several filters to explore, what actions have to be completed by whom?

Search the activity feed/timeline - you can search your feed for any text

Element (only in timeline) - allows you to filter on different care flowelements such as action, step, track and care flow

Status - allows you to filter on activities that have been completed and the ones that still have to be done

Stakeholders - allows you to filter on any stakeholder in your activity feed

Activity type - allows you to filter the activity feed on any activity type, such as messages, forms, or tracks amongst others

System activities - allows you to hide all system activities, like that Awell activated or completed a step

Note: You can use the zoom options in the bottom right corner to zoom within your timeline view.

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