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Send an email with Mailchimp/Mandrill

Learn how to send a Transactional email with Mailchimp/Mandril from within a care flow.

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Mailchimp is a marketing, automation, and emailing platform. Besides launching full-scale marketing campaigns, you also have the ability to send one-off emails with or without a template.

In this article, we'll explain how you can use Mailchimp's Transactional API to send an email (with or without a template) from within a care flow.

Setting everything up in Mailchimp/Mandrill

Mailchimp uses Mandrill for sending Transactional emails. Please follow the "Transactional API Quick Start" and "Sending Your First Email Guide" to get everything you need to start sending emails.

After completing the Quick Start guide you should have:

  • An API key that you can use to call Mailchimp's Transactional API

  • A verified domain to send your emails from

πŸ‘€ tip: you should now be able to send your first test email.

Send an email from within the care flow

We'll use the REST API call action to configure an API call to Mailchimp's Transactional API.

Make sure the API call action is configured as follows:


OR if you want to send an email template


Content-Type: application/json


Make sure to replace all the variables with appropriate values.


Have a look at Mailchimp's API reference to see what the body should be when you want to send an email template.

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