Create a new care flow

Take a look at the steps to create a new care flow

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In this article, we'll go over the steps to create a new care flow in Awell Studio.

Once you've activated your account and logged into Awell Studio, you land on the Care flow Overview Page.

  1. Click "Create care flow" on the right-hand side of the Care flow Overview Page

  2. Enter a name for your care flow

  3. Confirm the action by pressing the "Create care flow" button

β†’ You'll land on the Care flow Build page of your newly created flow and you can start designing your first care flow πŸŽ‰!

Click on the available "Default track" and start adding content to your care flow, do this by adding a step to the canvas.

πŸ‘€ tip: you can rename your care flow under Settings β†’ General. Your care flow will still be a unique instance afterwards, through it's ID which is auto-generated upon Care flow creation and visible through the URL:

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