Previews help you understand a pathway by exploring different possible scenarios.

How to preview a scenario?

  1. After you created a scenario, click on it and you will be prompted to the previewer.

  2. When you click on Start Preview, the empty space under the scenario name will show in which sequence the steps of your care pathway get activated. Additionally, on the left of this so called swim lane view the stakeholders involved in each of the step will appear.

  3. On the right side of the previewer, also called activity feed, you will see the actions as well as the step documentation of each step appearing.

  4. The previewer will display all the steps in the swim lane until it reaches a data point in your care pathway that determines which of the following steps should be considered. Choose the data point that fits your scenario and click Continue.

You always have the option to share a scenario with a colleague.


You can always change the scenario name in the previewer and when you click on a step in your swim lane the action panel will guide you to the step documentation or the first action of this step.

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